What Is MrRabbit.Net?

Physically, mrrabbit.net resides on a Net Integrator Lite packaged Linux solution. It runs Apache+PHP+MySQL as well as Samba, Netatalk, Qmail and IPTables. Visit Net Integration for more technical details.

Virtually, mrrabbit.net is the personal vanity and business website of MrRabbit of San Jose, California. The handle MrRabbit has been on the Internet since 1989 via the VMS system at SJSU. It also showed up on DWANGO-SJ and H2H-SJ - yes some of the best gamers in the world during the Doom2 and Quake days came from those two locations. The domain is registered with Network Solutions. On occasion, you may come across other MrRabbit's on the Internet - they are copycats...I am the original.

Who Is MrRabbit?

MrRabbit is Robert Shackelford of San Jose, CA. He is an IT Engineer, a former Middle School teacher of 6 years - three as a substitute - three on a contract with a Professional Clear Single Subject Credential from the State of California. He is also a bicycle wheelsmith having made well in excess of a thousand bicycle wheels of all sizes and shapes and classes since 1984. At this time in writing, he is also a proud new daddy of a 13 month old baby boy. Yipee! =8-)

Some Personal Stuff of Interest

Historical Art Work From Former Students

Baby Boy's Photo at Approximately 3 1/2 Months

Baby Boy's Photo at Approximately 6 years and 7 Months